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Belgium (Dutch: België, French: Belgique, German: Belgien) is a low-lying country on the North Sea coast in the Benelux. With the majority of West European capitals within 1,000 km of the Belgian capital of Brussels, and as a member of the long-standing international Benelux community, Belgium sits at the crossroads of Western Europe. Its immediate neighbours are France to the southwest, Luxembourg to the southeast, Germany to the east and the Netherlands to the north.

Belgium has 3 recognised languages spoken within the country, French, Dutch and Flemish although they are also able to speak English and even some German. It also has 3 main geographical regions (Flanders to the North, Brussels the capital and Wallonia to the South) which split up the difference in language, the capital Brussels being the most bilingual. Not only is Brussels the capital of Belgium but also of the much larger political institution EU where the headquarters are held for both the EU and NATO.

The temperatures in Belgium do not vary drastically usually with mild winters and cool summers which can become rainy, cloudy and humid. To enjoy the best weather, go between May and September where you will find warmer sunshine. A widely recognisable characteristic of Belgium would be its medieval towns full of historical remnants and stories to be told. A great example of this would be in the town of Bruges. Belgium’s landscape contains rolling and wooded hills, flat coastal plains in the northwest and valleys of Ardennes Forest in southeast making exploring this beautiful little country by rental car a must!

During your visit to Belgium you will be hard pressed to not come across some of their delicious Belgian chocolates or world famous Belgian beer especially in the capital Brussels which is literally chock-a-bloc with chocolate shops. Another well recognised town is Antwerp which plays a big part in the diamond trade and also has a big party vibe.

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Driving in Belgium:
Major European highways like the E-19, E-17, E-40, E-411 E-314 and E-313 pass through Belgium.
Standard legal limits, which may be varied by signs, for private vehicles with or without trailers. In built-up areas up to 31 mph (50 km/h), outside built-up areas 55 mph (90 km/h) and on motorways and dual carriageways separated by a central reservation 74 mph (120 km/h).
Driving licences issued abroad can be used in Belgium only by visitors who have reached the minimum ages required for holders of Belgian licences for the same category of vehicle.
Priority must be given to all vehicles coming from the right, except where the driver coming from the right is driving the wrong way in a one-way street.
Warning signals must be as brief as possible. Audible warning should not be given unless there is no other way of avoiding an accident. Outside built-up areas, audible warning devices may be used as a warning to road users of the intention to overtake.
Any person must wear a seat belt whenever one is fitted on the front and rear seats in all vehicles registered in Belgium or abroad.