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Renault Eurodrive Locations France & Europe

Bordeaux /Mérignac Airport Marseille Provence Airport ** Paris City 16 Eme
Brest Guipavas Airport Montpellier Méditerranée Airport Paris Orly Airport
Calais Port Nantes Airport Saint Louis Bâle-Mulhouse Airport
Geneva Airport (French Side) Nantes TGV train station  Saint Louis Bâle-Mulhouse City
Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport Nice-Côte d’Azur  Airport Strasbourg Entzheim Airport
Lyon Saint Exupéry TGV train station Paris CDG Airport Toulouse Blagnac Airport
PLEASE NOTE: Flight arrival details are required for airport pick-ups. Generally at an airport location you will be taken by a shuttle to take delivery of your Lease Vehicle. Lease Vehicles are NOT held at the Airport.

**The Paris City 16 Eme, Porte de Saint-Cloud location is a 5 min walk from the nearest Metro (Porte de Saint-Cloud) or approx EUR30 by taxi from the centre of Paris – Located in lower left corner of Central Paris just outside the Boulevard Périphérique in District Boulogne – Billancourt. Closed weekends and French Holidays.


Paris Downtown depot


Renault Eurodrive Locations Europe

**This Pick-up & Return in Europe
fee is prepaid in $AUD**Location
Standard Fees
50% Discount off Total Pick-up & Return Fees for all bookings over 30 Days.
Amsterdam/Schiphol  Airport +TGV Train Station  $270 $145
Barcelona Airport $270 $145
Brussels/Zaventem Airport $270 $145
Frankfurt/MörfeldenAirport $270 $145
Lisbon Airport ** $360 $190
London/Heathrow Airport $500 $260
Madrid/Barajas Airport $330 $190
Milan/Linate Airport $290 $190
Milan/Malpensa Airport+ Milan City $290 $190
Munich/ F.J. Strauss Airport $270 $145
Porto/Sa Carneiro Airport ** $360 $190
Rome/Fiumicino Airport $360 $190
Santiago de Compostela Airport + City $360 $190
Vigo City $460 $260
**A maximum duration of 90 days applies for all Pick-up & Return from Portugal.
Valid for collections in 2017. Fees are Subject to change.
Note: Some countries may require an International Driving Permit (IDP).
It is the driver’s responsibility to meet each country’s requirements.

Where can I drive my Renault Eurodrive ?

Andorra Finland Lithuania San Marino
Austria France Luxemburg Serbia & Montenegro
Balearic Islands Germany Macedonia Slovakia
Belgium Gibraltar Malta Slovenia
Bosnia-Herzegovina Greece Moldova Spain (Incl Canary Islands)
Bulgaria Hungary Monaco Sweden
Croatia Iceland Netherlands Switzerland
Cyprus Ireland Norway United Kingdom
Czech Republic Italy Poland
Denmark Latvia Portugal
Estonia Liechtenstein Romania
*Subject to change.

Morocco and Tunisia are no longer covered by Renault Eurodrive insurance/assistance.
Renault Eurodrive Insurance and Assistance does not cover Kosovo, Byelorussia, Moldavia, Russia, Ukraine and the Turkish part of Cyprus.

Countries covered by insurance and Renault Assistance may vary during the validity of this contract. It is important that you check to confirm that the countries you are travelling to are covered before travelling.

SMART TRAVELLERS Always carry an International Driving Permit