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Any child under ten years of age may need to have a child seat.
A baby seat is required from birth to 13kg (up to 4 years of age) – Booster seat with back is required (4 years until 7 years – 9-18kg) – Booster seat without back from 7 to 10 years, 15-36kg. Please contact your local automobile association for latest details.
Baby Safe +$370European approval group: Group 0+ (birth to 13kg).
Position: rear-facing, in rear of vehicle.
Note: Isofix mountings via base not included.
Romer Duo$660European approval group: Group 1 (9-18kg).
Car seat with 5 Point Harness
Position: forward-facing, in the rear of the vehicle.
Kiddy CruiserFix Pro

$390European approval group: Group 2/3 (15-36kg).
Booster seat with back using seat belt
Position: forward-facing, in the rear of the vehicle.

To meet European regulations, the classification of holding devices is established by way of groups. Each group is limited by weights, which are completed by the corresponding approximate ages. However, it should be noted that the weight of the child is the decisive factor when making your selection.

We offer a choice of child seats, dependent on the weight/age of the child.
Please remember, you are buying the seat – so it is yours to keep at the end of the lease.

If you are considering taking your own child seat/s, please compare to the below information and links as your seat/s should meet European regulations.


The pair of transverse roof bars will be fitted to your vehicle. These come without straps/ties and without covered protection. s-l300-1The maximum carry load on all vehicles is 50kgs.

2019 season prices 
C3 – $345
C4 Cactus – $255
C3 Aircross – $310
C4 SpaceTourer – $260
Berlingo – $290
Grand C4 SpaceTourer – $280
Space Tourer 8 seater – $345

DS7 – $360

Please ensure your load does not exceed this limit as any damage to the vehicle due to misuse will be charged to you.
It is the driver’s responsibility to obey the laws of the country they’re travelling in.



Unlike a rental car, your Citroën/DS will be delivered with only 10-15 litres of fuel. This means that a fuel station should be your first stop.

Particularly if you are collecting your vehicle late at night, we recommend you pre-purchase a full tank of fuel when you place your booking request with us.

Please keep in mind that the price we charge is higher than what you would pay at a fuel station directly, as we must include a fee to cover labour and administration costs in France.
2019 season prices 
C3, DS3 Crossback, C3 Aircross petrol – $155
C3 Aircross diesel – $140
C4 Cactus petrol – $170
C4 Cactus diesel – $155
C5 Aircross – petrol $185
C5 Aircross – diesel $170
Berlingo petrol – $185
Berlingo diesel – $170
C4 SpaceTourer, Grand C4 SpaceTourer, DS7 petrol – $185
C4 SpaceTourer, Grand C4 SpaceTourer, DS7 diesel – $170
Space Tourer 8 seater diesel – $215


Snow Chains can no longer be purchased through Citroën – you must buy these locally in Europe.

In the mountain areas, most of the large supermarkets have auto-parts departments, as well as gas stations or auto-parts shops. For example, in France: Norauto, Leclerc Auto, Carrefour Auto. To be sure of the exact fitting, you can also order snow chains from a Citroën dealer.

If you are travelling during the winter months (Nov-Apr) it is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate tyres fitted to your vehicle, as may be required by law in each country.

Click here for a link to the AA’s UK website for more information.

All of our vehicles are fitted with assembly-line ‘multi-purpose’ tyres. These tyres are suitable for varied driving conditions, excluding extreme conditions such as the presence of snow or ice.

You can purchase these locally in Europe from large supermarkets, fuel stations or auto-parts shops in regions that require them.


Car-2-Europe Citroën does not lease or sell ‘winter tyres’. If the client wishes to have winter tyres, it’s the client’s responsibility to purchase them whilst overseas and have them fitted and removed at an authorised Citroën dealer. The vehicle needs to be returned with the original tyres fitted. Snow chains can be purchased from a service station and used (at client’s cost), however, they are not suitable for highway driving. Mud & Snow Tyres with Grip Control, which meet the legal restrictions in Germany, Switzerland and Austria can be requested on certain vehicles; contact your local automobile association for most recent information.


To arrange an extension to your lease period, please note the following conditions, procedure and pricing.

  • You can only arrange an extension directly with Car-2-Europe Citroën in Paris after you have collected your vehicle.
  • Your total lease duration cannot exceed 175 days.
  • Extensions must be arranged at least 4 working days prior to the initial end date of your contract.
  • Call Car-2-Europe Citroën in Paris on +33 (0)1 56 47 63 54 or +33 (0)1 56 47 60 09. Their office hours are Mon-Fri 9am – 4.30pm, excluding public holidays.
  • Payment is made with Visa or Mastercard, plus an email address is needed (to receive an updated Insurance document).
  • If you change your mind after arranging an extension, you will not be able to claim a refund for any unused days. Likewise, if you did not pre-book all the ‘free days’ that may have been on offer due to a special promotion, unfortunately, you cannot receive these free days by way of an extension whilst in Europe.

2019 season extension prices 
C3, C3 Aircross, DS3 Crossback – €45 per day
C4 Cactus, Berlingo – €50 per day
C4 SpaceTourer, C5 Aircross – €55 per day
Grand C4 SpaceTourer, DS7 Crossback – €60 per day
SpaceTourer 8 seater – €70 per day


We are unable to arrange the fitting of a tow bar. Therefore, we have very limited knowledge and information on the intricacies of tow bars and anything associated with them.
We do however allow tow bars to be fitted at a Citroën garage whilst you are in Europe, with the following conditions.
– You must organise it yourself and pay locally (note: they can take some time to organise and install and there can be delays with regard to the availability of parts, so you should be prepared for this). We recommend you start speaking with a garage at least 4 weeks prior to collection.
– Your car insurance policy does NOT include cover for your trailer. You must arrange your own insurance for the trailer.

Conditions: Prices above are shown in EUR. All prices are converted and then prepaid in Australian Dollars.


Book your Car-2-Europe Citroën Lease by completing the search form above or by calling 1300 789 992 and chatting to your globalCARS Car Lease expert to secure the best deal.