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Drive a brand new tax-free Citroën/ DS vehicle for up to 175 days. Having provided this scheme to tourists for almost 50 years, you are in good hands!
With over 30 pick up and drop-off points in France and across Europe, you only have to pick up your keys and enjoy your holiday! Citroën EuroPass offers you a wide range of vehicles that combine innovation, safety, and design. So, will you be more CITROËN C3, C4 SPACETOURER, or DS line?  Order your Citroën Euro Pass car now for your upcoming European vacation.


  • A brand new tax-free left-hand drive Citroën or DS vehicle
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • Comprehensive insurance* for vehicle damage, theft and third party liability (including cover for glass, “wrong fuel” and punctures)
  • Zero excess through more than 40 countries in Europe
  • 24/7 Assistance call centre in case of accident, fire, theft, vandalism or breakdown
  • No additional driver fees (conditions apply)
  • An anti-theft device on all models, emergency triangle & reflectorised jacket
  • Vehicles can be driven throughout Europe, including Britain & Ireland
  • Delivery and return in more than 30 locations across France and Europe
  • 10 Litres of Diesel or 15 Litres of Petrol is provided Free of charge. Fuel & oil after that is at your cost

*Your personal belongings are not covered by the insurance.


You don’t have to wait in long queues to collect or return your vehicle.
Expert advice and support before, during and after your holiday. (We have over 70 years experience in arranging driving holidays worldwide)
No hefty fuel surcharges when you forget to return your car full of fuel (you should return it empty).
All paperwork is done in Australia without the pressure and time restraints you have when queuing at a rental car desk off a long flight
You will receive comprehensive documentation before you leave Australia with collection/return location instructions, a driving tips booklet and more.


You must reside outside of the European Union.
Stay in the EU for no more than 185 days in any consecutive 12 month period.
Not carry out any paid activity during your stay (no working visas)
Be an Australian resident
Minimum age 18 years with a valid driver’s license.


Citroen EuroPass & offer you temporary ownership of a brand-new, FULLY INSURED with ZERO EXCESS, TAX-FREE Citroën/ DS vehicle of your choice. No longer dream about your driving holiday. You can make it a reality. The extensive Zero Excess insurance permits you to drive through over 30 European countries hassle-free. It is also often better value than a rental car – particularly when you need a car for between 21 and 175 days (90 days for all travel into Portugal). Especially if you want to do a one-way from one country to another!


You can collect and return your Citroën/ DS vehicle at 29 convenient locations throughout Europe. There are no additional fees if the vehicle is collected and/or returned to France. For locations outside France, an additional charge may apply.


Your Citroën/ DS vehicle is covered by Insurance and 24/7 Assistance if you drive in any of the following countries or their islands:
Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus (Greek Territory only) ~, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Metropolitan France (including Corsica), Germany, Gibraltar, Greece (excluding Crete and Greek Islands), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy (including Sicily and Sardinia), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal (including Azores and Madeira), Romania, San Marino, Serbia *, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including Balearic and Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, the Vatican, United Kingdom.

Note: Due to conditions resulting from Brexit, collections/returns in London are suspended.
Cars can no longer be taken into the United Kingdom until further notice.

~ The cover of insurance provided for Cyprus is limited to the geographical parts of Cyprus which are under control of the government of The Republic of Cyprus.

* The cover of insurance provided for Serbia is limited to the Republic of Montenegro and the geographical parts of Serbia which are under control of the government of the Republic of Serbia.

Travel is not permitted into the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Belarus, Israel, Iran, Kosovo, Moldova, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the Greek Islands. Travel to these countries is at the lessee’s risk and is not covered by the Citroën/ DS insurance or Citroën/ DS assistance.


Book your Citroen Europass Lease by completing the search form above or by calling 1300 789 992 and chatting to your globalCARS Car Lease expert to secure the best deal.