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The Citroën C4 Compact

Unparallelled comfort – from seats to suspension!

The brand new Citroën C4 offers a lovely stream-lined design, opening up to one of the most comfortable rides you will ever have. Featuring world-class suspension referred to as “Progressive Hydraulic Cushion”, imperfections and changes in road surfaces are barely felt.

The C4 comes standard with a built in GPS, helping you navigate Europe’s highways and byways with ease.

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Other key information:

Similar Models: Suzuki Vitara 4 Door, Renault Captur, Mitsubishi ASX, Peugeot 4008
Occupants: Seats 5, but ideal for 2 adults + 1 child
Recommended luggage: 1 large + 2 medium + 0 Small
Vehicle dimensions
(incl outside mirrors)
4.16m long x 1.95m wide x 1.48m high
Boot size
(under luggage cover)
Vehicle specifications Detailed Citroën C4 Model Specifications
  • x5
  • x5
  • Petrol or Diesel
  • Manual or Auto
  • GPS
  • Aircon
  • x2
  • x1

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