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Car Rental USA

The USA is a country comprising of 50 states which makes it an ideal destination as there’s something for everyone. From the multiple ski resorts in Aspen, Colorado to the sunny Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles, California; no matter the time of year it’s a destination loved by many. Across the Pacific Ocean is Hawaii which is renowned for their stunning landscapes, waterfalls and tropical beaches. Travelling around the island is a breeze with a hire car as you can take a history lesson by visiting the Pearl Harbour National Memorial and drive on over to the infamous Waikiki Beach and discover other local gems along the way.

Experience The United States of America

One of the highlights of the US is the Grand Canyon National Park which is located in Arizona. The layered red rock reveals millions of years of geological history that is a sight millions of tourists travel the world to see. To the left of Arizona is Las Vegas which is known for its nightlife and abundance of casinos. On the east coast there’s New York City which is home to the iconic Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Empire State Building. Alongside these attractions there are a number of theme parks for the thrill-seekers out there including Disneyland, Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios Hollywood to name a few. Whatever your preference, explore the US the right way with a hire car and create your own self-drive itinerary today!