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  • A member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agent (AFTA)
  • Registered Operator – Council of Australia Tour Operator CATO License No. 45818289
  • To protect your payments, is a certified agent with ATAS Accreditation #A10499.



AFTA Chargeback Scheme (ACS) is available to ATAS accredited travel agencies and provides protection against consumer debit and credit card chargebacks which result from supplier insolvency.
The Scheme has been established as a member focused non-profit organisation and there is no cost to members to become participants in the Scheme.
ACS is the first scheme of its kind that offers protection against Forward Delivery Risk that traditionally has not been covered by insurance providers.


"ACS is a Mutual Fund, whereby members contribute to a collective and use their combined purchasing power to spread the cost of managing risk in relation to credit card chargebacks. The structure also enables ACS to tailor risk management products and services to meet the changing needs and emerging risks of the travel industry."